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It all started with sound for me- it was my entry point into a life of creative adventures. As a young person I devoured music, listening to everything I could get my hands on from old Disney songs to my parents Beatles records to my grandparents Henry Mancini 8-Track tapes. I discriminated agains nothing- it was all magical to me. Eventually I started playing music- first on the piano and later the drums. When I got my first cassette tape recorder I recorded everything from favorite songs on the radio to Christmas mornings unwrapping presents with my family to summertime beach vacations in Cape Cod. My ears were open to the world and I loved listening back to those captured moments. As I got older I started to record music with my brothers and friends. As I honed my skills as a listener and performer more opportunities arose. I have performed with and recorded with numerous bands over the years, including Sony recording artist Old Pike, Carl Broemel (from My Morning Jacket), Spicket, Neena Foundry, Brown Brothers, Lawn Chair Kings, Camerado, The Warhols, and Something In The Trees. I’ve created and recorded a wide range of original music- ambient, country, folk, rock, experimental and electronic music. I produced and performed on the critically acclaimed Brown Brothers records, Songs From The Lost Generation and Leaving Open Fields. I have combined my two interests in film and music by working on several film soundtracks including the award-winning documentary film, El Inmigrante. I’ve engineered, mixed and produced several educational audio pieces for Bedford/St. Martin’s Press and have created sound design and music for  many short films, including The Snow Queen, Love Handles and Treasure of Riverside Park. I have also recorded several voice over narrations for Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Elizabeth Streb and No Pulp Productions amongst others.

1. Drum All Your Life And Never Stop
I've been playing drums since fourth grade. My son, Jack describes his own pull toward hitting things with sticks.

2. Sudden and Gradual
Ken Nordine struggles to teach a robot about colors.

3. Fields I Used To Roam
This is an experimental piece based on a field recording of my parents backyard on a hot Indiana summer night. The music element deconstructs the first four notes of the song, Back Home Again In Indiana.
Instruments: fake mellotron, crickets, cicadas, bull frogs, night birds, distant traffic, airplane and wind chime
Special thanks to Jeff Hopper, John Cage and Oblique Strategies

4. Only In Dream Could It Be This Way
Ambient deconstruction

5. Ptaki
Toy guitar improvisation with drumsticks, mini-disc player, jack-in-the-box, small children

6. Sangre de los Cuervos
cassette tape, crows, semi truck, piano, jet, wind chime, snow falling in Colorado
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